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The Ultimate Professional Astrology Software! Win*Star 6.0 is part of the newest generation of innovative Matrix programs combining professional level tools with true one-click ease of use. It is now available in three versions: Standard, Extended, and Professional.

Win*Star 6.0 includes Searches, performed by the new Matrix Search Lite. – This highly advanced module is light years ahead of the old Searches program. You can search, against fixed stars or any defined point, for transiting house cusps, etc. Win*Maps, powered by Horizons Lite, can plot in En Mundo, Geodetic, and Zodiacal, as well as along rising lines, setting lines, zenith lines and/or nadir lines. You can also plot aspects, midpoints, local space and parans.

Win*Star 6.0 Professional System has all of the features of the Standard and the Extended versions but, in addition, also has complete versions of Matrix Search, Matrix Horizons, and Day Watch.

This system is designed for serious counseling Professional Astrologers—those who will be able to understand and harness the power of astrology available in this complete software system.

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Blue*Star Personal & Professional Versions are a 21st Century astrology programs that combines traditional astrological chart wheels and calculations with fully-illustrated state-of-the-art interpretive reports — sixteen separate reports in all. Blue*Star

Learn More > Sirius 4.0 NEW Version 4.0 — from Cosmic Patterns Sirius from Cosmic Patterns Software

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Cosmic Patterns Software,Sirius version 4.0 is now released!!! It is the largest and most important upgrade to our software since Cosmic Patterns Software began 40 years ago on November 2, 1982.

The Sirius software is remarkably easy to use, and has advanced features for modern western, medieval, Hellenistic and Vedic astrology.

Learn More > Bindu — NEW from Cosmic Patterns Software New Bindu Vedic Astrology Software

Bindu is our Newest Professional Jyotish software that provides a large variety of tools and technics of Jyotish, western and medieval astrology in a highly user-friendly environment. Employing highest standards of software developments, Bindu enables the users to benefit their maximum knowledge and even more.

Astro*Dictionary the Matrix Astro*Index

An online database containing a whole library of material on astrology.
Here is an outline of some of the major concepts and terms used by astrologers, arranged in an easy-to-follow outline format. Select any term and see what Astro*Index, DeVore, Prima, and Munkasey M. has to say about it.

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How to do quick readings with VA

4-Hour Vibrational Astrology Experience. Sunday, December 19, 2021

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Win*Star Express Whether this is your first experience with an astrology program or you're a seasoned Professional - you are going to love Win*Star Express.

Create precision astrological charts with expertly written interpretations. Choose from four main styles plus 190 specialty charts with PDF output for easy printing and emailing.

Natal, Synastry, Transit, Progressed, and Solar Arc interpretations prepared by leading professional astrologer/writers - pop them up within the chart or print them as helpful mini-reports.

Free e-Books by Michael Erlewine

Matrix is pleased to present a collection of e-books by Michael Erlewine.
Click here for Free e-Books or if you prefer a printed copy, they are available at

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Vibrational Astrology One Day Online Workshop. Come join us!

Attend anywhere you are and any device you have with an internet connection. A wonderful way to spend your day learning Vibrational Astrology with the Cosmic Patterns Research Team.

Click here for the 2023 Conference Video Recordings
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Professional astrologers, counselors, and other astrological entrepreneurs have been using our Pro software to make money since the day we produced our first astrology program.

24 professional reports to choose from. Some of the most popular are:
 • Astro*Talk
 • TimeLine
 • Friends & Lovers
 • Child*Star
 • The Birthday Report
 • Midpoint Keys
and more . . .

Matrix Software, Matrix Astrology is the older Astrology Software company and one of the older software company on the Internet.

NEW — Blue*Star — astrology chart NEW — Web Services — astrology chart ( Winstar 5.0 ) Win*Star Version 5.0 — astrology chart Matrix Search Day Watch Matrix Horizons Parashara's Light 7.0 Winstar 5.0 Professional Report Software Reportes en Español Tarot Commercial Winning Times Dharma Practice Calendar, Personal Report Software, ( Winstar ) Win*Star Express, Ask Astrology. Make Money with Your Home Computer. Complete Professional Report Package. Whether your goal is simply extra income or something more ambitious, such as financial independence, our new Professional Report Package will get you started right. Start your business now and save $400 Earn Extra Income at Home Matrix Search Professional Transit—Progression Report Program. We, at Matrix, have always been known for the power and sophistication of our search programs, but this time, Stephen (Erlewine) has outdone himself. This program is, by unanimous agreement, the most powerful search program ever available to astrologers. . . . More Info Win*Star Express. Winstar. Astrology chart. Very likely the most popular astrology software in the world today. Whether this is your first experience with an astrology program or you are a seasoned Professional — you are going to love this software. ( Winstar ) Win*Star Express v6 makes creating and interpreting astrological charts simple. Just type in your birth information, click a button, and the software does the rest. . . . Matrix Horizons — The 21st Century Astromapping Software. . . . More Info BlueStar astrology chart calculation software. Win*Writer Professional Collection. Astrology Software for professionals. Each report program you purchase from this collection will work either as a stand—alone or with any other Matrix Professional report software you own. . . . More Info Winning Times gives you what the name says — the exact moments when your personal chart indicates your luck will be at its peak, and your winning potential at maximum power . . . More Info Day Watch Astrological Forecasting & Calendar Software for Professionals. If you are a Professional astrologer, or a serious amateur astrologer, you are going to love this program's sophisticated features. . . . More Info Your Sun Sign — Free and for you. Book Reviews. Monthly Ephemeris. Today's Chart. Astrology Articles. Celebrity Astro*Search. Find an Astrologer. Article Archive. Astro*Addresses. Find an Astrologer — addresses for astrologers from all parts of the globe. Astro*Links: — list of astrological sites that are worth a visit. Astrology Starter Pack is perfect for Non—Astrologers, Student Astrologers, and Amateur Astrologers If you want to get started in astrology the right way, you need the right tools — and this means the right software. The Astrology Starter Pack is the best buy in astrology software. . . . Save $200 Past Lives Personal Report — Have you lived before? Who were you? How does it impact your present life? The answer may well lie in the text of a Past Lives Report. . . . Personal Report for just $24.95. Lunar Return Personal Report. A personalized Lunar Return Report provides you with an accurate "moon forecast" that will help guide you safely through the month. . . . Personal Report for just $14.95. Friends or Lovers? Click here Matrix Professional Tarot software — Personal Edition We truly bring the magic and mystery of this ancient art to life. If you are fascinated with the magic of the Tarot, and want a program that realistically re—creates the experience of a professional reading — this is it! . . . More Info