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Quick Fixes

Windows 10 Compatibility

Software Activation Issues
- Software Activation
- Resetting your License
- Language Options Issue
- Installation Freezing etc.

Jumbled Graphics

Other Error Messages
- Fixable by reinstalling fonts
- Fixable by deleting .ini files
- Fixable by replacing DAO files
- VSOCX issue
- Win*Writer unable to run reports
- Run Time Error 339
- Run Time Error 9 in Searches
- Run Time Error 48: loading DLL

How to Backup Your Charts etc.

How to Import Your Charts

Resetting your License:

If for some reason you have uninstalled your new 2.50 software or deleted the Matrix folder that it is installed in you will get a missing or unmatched license error upon reinstalling your 2.50 software. You will need to follow the steps below to reset your license.

  • If the CD you are installing is from 2006 or earlier download and save this file:

    You will want to save the file to "My Documents" or a similar location so you know where to find the file.
    When the download is complete - copy the file to "c:\program files\matrix"
    If you have installed the software to someplace other than this default location copy the file to this location instead.

  • If the CD or Download File you are installing is from 2007 or later you will find "AttribsecN" in the Matrix folder already.
    • On XP or earlier the Matrix fodler is in the c:\program files folder.
    • On Vista this folder is in the c:\users\"your username"\ folder.
      ("Your Username" is whatever your username name is on this machine. Your real name, nick name, or "Owner", "User", etc.)
  • Once the file has been copied to the Matrix folder or you have found it in the right location run it from that location. It will just flash on your screen.
    Once you have successfully reset your license all you will need to do is run the file marked “RegAct" which is located in that same instalation folder. If you do not see "RegAct" then run the program "Regactivate" instead.
  • This will take you to the password/activation screen and it may ask you for your passwords. If it does you will find a Serial Number KEY and four empty boxes for your password.
  • Email or call us with that Serial Number KEY or Computer ID and we will be able to generate your passwords for all your programs and email them back to you.
  • If you already have your passwords from a previous install on the same computer then those same passwords should work as long as the Serial Number KEY is the same.
  • You can also use our Automated Password Generator on our website.
  • When you are done or if it did not ask you for your passwords, you will get a screen that looks similar to this:
  • When you see this screen you are all set.

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