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It's simple to get free software
Matrix Software > Free Astrology Software Demos

Matrix Astrology Software

Download Free Astrology Software Demos

Ultimately the best way to evaluate software is to try it yourself.
Here are demos of some of our most popular programs.

KNOW Your Future DemoKNOW Your Future

This is a fully functional demo of one the most popular of our new KNOW thru Astrology Series of software programs. These programs have been developed specifically for non-astrologers. The user interface is innovative, totally intuitive, and fun to use. KNOW Your Future lets you interactively bounce back and forth through time with just a simple mouse click. Forecasts are written by highly skilled professional astrologers in a style that is enjoyable to read, clear, and succinct so that you can put the information you receive to use in your life now. This
is a fully functional demo that will give you a
30-day trial.

KNOW Your Future DemoFlash Movie Presentation – 10 MB

WinStar Express DemoWin*Star Express V3

Amateur astrologers, students, novices, non-astrologers, THIS IS YOUR PROGRAM. Designed for ease of use and full of tools that help you explore and learn about astrology with ease - while giving you information you can use right now. The program includes built-in interpretations and onscreen pop-ups to help you interpret the charts you create. Professional astrologers may want to take a look at this program too. This is a fully functional demo that will give you a 30-day trial.

Win*Star Express User GuideClick to download the User Guide — PDF File

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KNOW Your Future
Win*Star Express V3

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Click here to learn more about Professional TarotTarot Personal

If you are fascinated by the magic of the Tarot and you have been searching for quality software that realistically re-creates a personal Tarot reading, this is it!

NOTE: This demo is of the Personal version of our Tarot program. Additional features are available in the Commercial edition. Also, to keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will
have 10 complete decks. This is a fully functional demo that will give you a
30-day trial.

Click to learn more about BioWriterBiowriter – Biorhythm software

Instantly create an interactive onscreen biorhythm chart for yourself or anyone you know. Just enter your birth information, hit the process button, and there's your chart. Click on any point and get a statistical analysis or, if an especially important event, a tip on just how to handle the event. You can also print the color chart and a 30-day interpretation. Easy to use even for a computer novice. BioWriter is a great tool for tuning into your own personal biorhythms. This is a fully functional demo that will give you a 30-day trial.

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