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Win*Star V4.0

New in Win*Star
  Matrix Search Lite                     
  Horizons Lite                             
  PDF Capabilities                         
  New 90— Dial                             
  Local Space                             
  New Graphic view Interface    
  Pop Up Interpretations               
  Learn Astrology — e-book      
  A.T. Mann's Lifetime Arcs      

Extra Features in
Win*Star Extended
  Two Charts display                   
    New Tools
  Designer Wheels                       

Extra Features in
Win*Star Professional
  Matrix Search Full Version       
  Horizons Full Version               
  Day Watch Full Version           

Some of the
Win*Star Features
  Chart Types                               
  Wheel & Grids                          
  Searches — Upgraded              
  Maps — Upgraded                      
  Tables & Lists                            
  Database & Searches             
  User Preferences — Upgraded  
  Time Tables Ephemeris              
  Graphic Ephemeris                    

It's simple to get free software
  Win*Star 4.0

New Tools
System Requirements 

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NEW — Tutorials 
  New in Extended Version

There is also an impressive array of new tools and features available in Win*Star 4.0. Many of these tools are already familiar to users of Win*Star Express V3:

Click for a Screen Shot

Aspects list box
The Aspects Toolbox gives a list of the aspects in the current chart.
Click on an aspect and it will be highlighted in the wheel and pop up
an interpretation.

Sort the aspects by planetary pairs, orb from exact, aspect types, angular separation, applying and separating, planets, aspects, and patterns found.

Select an aspect and press the History button to see when these two planets formed aspects in the past by transit, progression, or direction.

For Biwheels, you can select either chart or both charts to see the aspects between them, giving you a quick overview of transits or progressions or synastry aspects.

Aspects list box

A quick guide to the major interactions between two charts, it lists interaspects between the charts, midpoint contacts for the Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars. Aspects are listed by planet, in a traditional aspect grid, and a list with orbs of separation and the houses that are linked by the aspect.


Current Date Control
Adjust the date and time of the outer charts, stepping them forward or backward by any time interval, or use the animate buttons to watch transits and progressions and directions move around the natal chart.

Quickly jump to the next or previous lunar or solar return, or new moon
or full moon.

Advance any of the major planets to any of the four angles to find critical times through the day for electional or predictive work.

Date Control

Arabic Parts
Lists the positions of 131 arabic parts, giving the longitude, the formula, and the house it is found in. Clicking on a part will show where it is found in the chart wheel.

Arabic Parts

Updated Time*Scan
See a time line with the major aspects, ingresses, planetary hours, angle transits, void of course times, and the planets changing house positions. Set it for lengths from three days up to twenty-one years.

Click a button to change from scan view to a list view.


Star*Type Pattern
Your StarType is the whole-chart pattern that dominates your heliocentric chart. This gives extensive interpretive text by Michael Erlewine who has been studying them for forty years, as well as an illustrated symbol he designed to make it simple to comprehend and remember the core idea of each StarType.

Star*Type Pattern

Around the wheel
Pick any planet to see where it is in its current cycle around the chart wheel using transit, progressed, of directed motion. Gives a list of major aspects for the selected planet leading up to the present and going into the future. Pick any and look at a pop up chart wheel to see what was happening. Quickly puts current aspects into perspective and the proper time frame.

Around the wheel

Planetary Hours
A list of the beginning times of each planetary hour for the current day. Planetary hours were used to name the days of the week and have been observed, in an unbroken stream, since before 300 BC.

Planetary Hours

Pop up a list of the chart's midpoints with sign and house position that can be sorted by planets or by position. Clicking on a midpoint will will show the midpoint in the wheel and pop up keywords identifying the nature of the midpoint.


Phase Chart
Redraw the chart according to the phase angle between each planetary pair. A technique developed by Michael Erlewine, it gives a unique
chart for each planet that provides insight on how that planet relates
to all of the others.

Phase Chart

Version 4.0ExtendedProfessional

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