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Win*Star V4.0

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  PDF Capabilities                         
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  Two Charts display                   
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  Matrix Search Full Version       
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  Chart Types                               
  Wheel & Grids                          
  Searches β€” Upgraded              
  Maps β€” Upgraded                      
  Tables & Lists                            
  Database & Searches             
  User Preferences β€” Upgraded  
    Time Tables Ephemeris
  Graphic Ephemeris                    

It's simple to get free software
  Win*Star 4.0

Time Tables Ephemeris Generator
System Requirements 

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  In all Win*Star Versions

The Time Tables ephemeris generator provides 14 pre-set ephemeris options. All you have to do is set the time span for the ephemeris. The ephemeris is calculated and displayed on screen in an easy-to-use table. Or you can create your own ephemeris, combining any of the customization features. This newly created ephemeris can be saved to disk, ready to be used again and again.

The ephemeris is loaded with features. It provides not only the detailed planet information you'd expect to find, it also generates text interpretations β€” both transit and natal β€” for the major aspects occurring. Or you can select any date and pop up an instant QWheel for that date. You determine what information is needed and fashion the ephemeris accordingly. You can even include midpoint and planetary picture columns!

Ephemeris Generator Features:
You Customize Choose the coordinate systems that you want: geocentric longitude, latitude and motion, right ascension, declination, distance value, azimuth, altitude, heliocentric longitude, latitude and motion.
Any Time Span Pick any time frame that interests you: a week, a month, a hundred years and any interval you want, every 4 minutes, every 2 hours, every ten days.
Speculation & Electional Set up an ephemeris for any location and watch the changing house cusps (in any one of 14 available house systems) or moving Part of Fortune.
Aspect Sets Naturally, you can create any set of aspects you want or use those built into Win*Star 4.0.
See Planet Changes Scroll down an ephemeris page while watching a chart wheel show the moving planets at the same time!
Accuracy Calculate planetary positions to a precision of one second of arc and display them as such or to the nearest degree or minute of arc.
Font Choice Choose from three font sizes for viewing the ephemeris.
Printed Output You can always output the ephemeris to your printer for a paper copy.
Interpretations Click on major aspects for an instant text interpretation
QWheel Click any date in the ephemeris to open a Win*Star 4.0 "QWheel," instantly created for that date.
Stand-Alone Time Tables can operate outside Win*Star 4.0, as a "stand-alone" feature -- saving computer resources.

Version 4.0ExtendedProfessional

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