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Win*Star V4.0

New in Win*Star
  Search Lite                           
    Horizons Lite
  PDF Capabilities                         
  New 90— Dial                             
  Local Space                             
  New Graphic view Interface    
  Pop Up Interpretations               
  Learn Astrology — e-book      
  A.T. Mann's Lifetime Arcs      

New in
Win*Star Extended
  Two Charts display                   
  New Tools                                 
  Designer Wheels                       

Extra Features in
Win*Star Professional
  Matrix Search Full Version       
  Horizons Full Version               
  Day Watch Full Version           

  Chart Types                               
  Wheel & Grids                          
  Searches— Upgraded               
    Maps — Upgraded
  Tables & Lists                            
  Database & Searches             
  User Preferences — Upgraded  
  Time Tables Ephemeris              
  Graphic Ephemeris                    

It's simple to get free software
  Win*Star 4.0

Horizons Lite Earth and Sky Maps
System Requirements 

Back to Win*Star 

NEW — Tutorials 

  New in Version 4.0

In the 1990s, Matrix Win*Maps broke new ground for astrologers offering their clients and customers relocation counseling. Horizons will take your relocation work to an entirely new, and better, place.

Use the Horizons Lite module to investigate a horoscope using two popular mapping techniques: "Local Space" and "Mundane Maps." Choose from 19 maps covering major world areas as well as maps of smaller smaller areas, such as individual countries and states.

Just some of Horizons Lite's many features:

Click for a Screen Shot

Hi-resolution maps.
Ideal for quality printing. You can also export them in formats ideal for easy e-mailing to your clients anywhere in the world.

Hi-resolution maps

Total flexibility in choosing what to display and how to display it.
Including planets (Uranians and key asteroids too), aspects, midpoints, parans. Click a button and instantly display house influences across a selected geographic area.

What to display

A mouse click will also let you display a relocated natal wheel, or Local Space for any location. No fumbling with menus, just click and you have your chartwheel.

Relocated natal wheel

Select Local Space.
Click on a location and display all of the lines from that location, jump to another location, click, and display.

Select Local Space

Move around the world like you—re in your private jet; choose a region, a continent, or a specific location. Click the mouse and zoom in for a close-up. Right click and widen the view to see what—s around you. Other option is the Map Region to select any continent.

Move around the world

Quickly add or delete cities from your maps using the complete ACS atlas with over 258,000 locations included free with your Horizons Lite program.

Quickly add or delete cities

Map Amimation
An animated map lets you view changing planetary influences. You have total control of the rate change and the speed of the animation; choose, seconds, minutes, days, months, or years.

Map Amimation

Sky Map
In the Sky Map mode the Mundane Maps and Local Space techniques are used in mapping the heavens. Constellation Paths: Constellations can be plotted choosing either the zodiac or all of the constellations. Ecliptic Sky Map: Plot celestial coordinates against geographic or sky maps.

Sky Map

Version 4.0ExtendedProfessional

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