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Win*Star V4.0

New in Win*Star
  Matrix Search Lite                     
  Horizons Lite                             
  PDF Capabilities                         
  New 90— Dial                             
  Local Space                             
  New Graphic view Interface    
  Pop Up Interpretations               
  Learn Astrology — e-book      
  A.T. Mann's Lifetime Arcs      

Extra Features in
Win*Star Extended
  Two Charts display                   
  New Tools                                 
  Designer Wheels                       

Extra Features in
Win*Star Professional
  Matrix Search Full Version       
  Horizons Full Version               
  Day Watch Full Version           

Some of the
Win*Star Features
  Chart Types                               
  Wheel & Grids                          
  Searches — Upgraded              
  Maps — Upgraded                      
  Tables & Lists                            
    Database & Searches
  User Preferences — Upgraded  
  Time Tables Ephemeris              
  Graphic Ephemeris                    

It's simple to get free software
  Win*Star 4.0

Database & Research
System Requirements 

Back to Win*Star 

NEW — Tutorials 

  In all Win*Star Versions

Win*Star's database is the storehouse for all of your charts. Charts can be sorted and stored by category and easily displayed and accessed via numerous filters and sorts. Notes can be appended to charts and searches created to scan the database finding and grouping charts by selected similarities.

Database: Chart Storage
These screen captures from database displays shows a chart file displayed in the database. This file can contain an unlimited number of charts and charts can be organized and classified by categories you devise, or by their astrological factors. The database quickly becomes your greatest ally when managing a growing chart collection.

Click any screen shot for a full view

Chart Database Chart Database
Data from each chart is displays in a tabular format. All charts in the selected chart file are displayed.
  Chart Database Folders Chart Database Folders
Charts can be flagged by category, keyword, and attribututes you can apply for easy sorting and filtering.
Win*Search provides the ability to search and examine the records (charts) in the Win*Star 4.0 chart database files. With it you can create database files and copy charts between files. Extensive astrological search parameters can be set and applied to any size database file, making research simple and swift. Charts can be displayed in both graphs and chart wheels.

Click any screen shot for a full view

WinSearch 1 WinSearch 1
Use this simple, clickable menu to set the search criteria used when exploring the highlighted chart file.
  WinSearch 2 WinSearch 2
Colorful graphs will display search results, providing an easy method to display trends within the chart file.

Seeing is believing!
These screen shots taken from Win*Search help to show how powerful this search module is:

Win*Search Options Screen Click here

The Win*Search Options screen shows the wide range of research options available. A key element is the AND/OR capability of the program. AND means that you're searching only for charts that have two or more factors. For example, the screen shows Mars Trine Mercury with a 7 degree orb. If you click the Add button and select something else -- Jupiter in the 7th and the Ascendant in Fire, for example, -- only charts that meet all three will be shown. But, if you choose the OR option, for example Mars Trine Mercury OR Jupiter in the 7th, any chart with either of these will appear in your research results.

Search Conditions Click here

The Show List button brings up the list of Search Conditions. Shown here is one for Mars Trine Mercury (with 7 degree orb) AND Jupiter in the 7th AND the Ascendant in Fire. You can, of course, edit or change any of these before running the search.

Search Results Click here

These are the results of your research. They are the charts that meet the criteria you've selected. This search was for charts with the Ascendant AND Moon in Fire. Win*Star enables you to create as many different databases as you want. You can search one in its entirety or select a specific category within one database. Our example also shows the "Notes" column that appears in all Win*Star databases. You can type in any information that you choose here. Selecting the "Chartdata" button will provide details about the selected chart. Selecting "QWheel" brings up the selected chart in Win*Star's QWheel window. The "Graph" button brings up the powerful set of graphs included in Win*Search.

Graphs from Win Search Click here

There are seven different types of graphs in Win*Search which can be used to display search results for any planet by sign, house, aspect, element, decante, degree, polarity, 90-degree dial, and more. Graphs can be viewed in Pie, Bar, Line, Area and Polar styles. Pull-down options allow you to Print, Copy, or Save any graph or send it to Windows' Clipboard to be pasted into any other document.

Version 4.0ExtendedProfessional

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