March 23, 1895 - 1995

(born 00:32:40 GMT, Paris, France)

"Plenitude of being,
the infinite and boundless Potentiality of existence
and the Presence of ONE are latent in every man
and every individual can become an agent for the Divine Power
which vibrates at the core of the Earth
and in the heart of every human being."

- Dane Rudhyar

This international tribute to the brilliant DANE RUDHYAR was written by the following authors who unanimously gave me permission for publication via Internet. (This electronic edition consists of 10 parts):

Part 1:Introductory Words - Dane Rudyhar
Part 2:Joyce Hoen, DFAstrolS - The Netherlands
Part 3:Jeff Jawer - U.S.A.
Part 4:Drs Helene W. Koppejan - van Woelderen - England
Part 5:Ann Kreilkamp, Ph.D. - U.S.A.
Part 6:Drs Roeland M. de Looff - The Netherlands
Part 7:Michael R. Meyer - U.S.A.
Part 8:Alexander Ruperti - Switzerland
Part 9:Patana Usuni - U.S.A.

The booklet which includes Rudhyar's drawings, poems and music can be ordered at 23 Dutch guilders (= about US $17.-) (Dfl. 27 for airmail) via VISA only: send your account number, expiration date and signature to:

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