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Matrix Software > Learng Astrology > Astrophysical Directions > Solar Neighborhood > The Southern Stream

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The Southern Stream (Sco-Cen Assoc.)

The largest of the near moving clusters and the chief contributor in the Southern Hemisphere to the Local System is the Scorpid-Centaurus association of stars. Charles Jayne points out that this immense loose cluster (stretching from later Libra through late Sagittarius in the Zodiac) must be the origin of the fabled Via Combusta. The entire sign of Scorpio is influenced by the presence of this vast cloud of stars.

The Southern Stream

The Scorpio-Centaurus association is also called The Southern Stream and a stream it is, stretching from New Galactic longitude 243° through 360° and latitude +30° and -30°. The centroid is at 12 = 330°, b2 = +15° and the main body of the cluster stretches from galactic longitudes 314° to 347°.

The 1950.0 position for the centroid of Sco-Cen is:

R. A. Dec. Long. Lat Intersect Iii bii
227°16'05" 227°16'05" 236°05'50" -21°36'60" 229°43'03" 330° |+15

The shape of the cluster is found to be elongated considerably, with the distance between the extreme points in the direction of elongation being about three times its transverse section. The angle between the direction of elongation and the radius vector through the Sun is 52°. It is estimated that between 0.4xl08 and 1.5xl08 years ago, the cluster (which up to that time may have been spherical) was liable to a disturbing force. This force gave it a velocity between 9 and 19 km/sec relative to an imaginary star moving in a circle around the galactic center and coinciding with the center of the cluster at the time of disturbance. The present shape and motion of the cluster are explained by the evolution since this disturbance. The present mean motion of the cluster is found to indicate an initial velocity of 19 km/sec in the direction forming an angle of 87° with the direction of circular motion, that is approximately in the direction outward from the galactic center. The position of the cluster was at that time at the distance 2200 parsecs from the present position of the Sun in the direction of about 59° New Galactic Longitude (Vulpecula-Sagitta direction).

The Southern Stream

Variation with time of the Vertex Direction of Sco-Cen

Copyright (c) 1997-99 Michael Erlewine

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