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  Partnet Program

 New Oracles in the Partner Program.
Free Oracles

Perhaps the most popular feature on our web sites has been our free oracles, which have been accessed some 1.6 million times over the last year. People keep coming back to them, day after day and year after year.

We now have the technology to offer other web sites a "white label" version of the Matrix Oracles that allows you to have the oracles on your site to help attract repeat visitors.

Check them out: Matrix Oracles Partner Program.

Matrix Partners Program

Matrix Partners
Consider a partnership with Matrix Software, working together in this tough economy to be successful. We pioneered astrology software on microcomputers (32nd year) and are now moving applications to the web, and making them available to selected partners. There is only one other software company on the Internet older than Matrix, and that is Microsoft, so please take time to read through what we have available to you.

First, we can —White Label— for you, which means that selected offers you place on your site are actually done from our site, but they look to your visitors like it is your site.

Our Web Reports are created in PDF format and sent directly to your clients. There is no need for you to have a shopping cart, take credit cards, do invoicing, run off reports, maintain computers and printers, and so forth.

Our Service in a Nutshell
For those of you who are familiar with the jargon of affiliate marketing,
here is what we offer:
  • Perpetual Cookie — You get paid for every activated link.
  • Up to 50% Split in the reports - Share money equally
  • Up to 40% on software sales
  • Monthly Payout — Checks on the 15th of each month
  • Sophisticated Tracking - Activated by your Partner Code
  • $50 Threshold triggers payment
  • Personal Reports only or sell Software, or both

  • Here is how our "White Label" service works:

    It all starts and ends on your website. You simply place one or more ads for the reports you like on your site. You can make your own ads or choose from scores of different sized ads that we have available to you. Each ad contains an encrypted code that uniquely identifies you.

    Visitors to your site see the ads, click through and end up on our server, but it still looks like part of your site because it is labeled with your name and it appears to them that they are still with you.

    Visitors can enter birth data and order one or more reports using the latest technology - Swiss Ephemeris, Complete Time Change Atlas, dozens of reports, etc. All this with one line of code on your end!

    We process your order from beginning to end, using encrypted secure technology and accept major credits cards, etc. If you want to use your own shopping cart, we can do that too.

    Reports are delivered in PDF format, emailed by PDF directly
    to your customer.

    As partners, we share all money received for the reports with you 50/50. You get 50%, we get 50% (minus credit-card charges) if you sell at least 10 reports a month. If you sell less than ten reports a month, you get 25%. Plus if you are interested in selling our software you get up to 40% of software sales.

    Getting Started
    You get access to the latest reports fresh from our authors, like our new:
  • —The Eros Report—
  • Sexuality and You, by John Townley

    Or three new reports of authentic Chinese Astrology:
  • Four Pillars of Destiny Report

  • Chinese Luck Cycles Report

  • Ten Years Annual Report

  • Benefits of Matrix Partners
    You get up to 50% of the receipts and you don—t have to buy and maintain software, run reports yourself, or use any of your valuable computer or server time and space. We do it all. Just select which reports you want to offer to your customers and they are ready to go. You can be up and running almost at once.

    Here is how to get started now.

    It is assumed you already have a web page or site of some sort. If not, you can also sell reports via our Matrix Web service.

    (1) Become a Matrix "Partner Program" participant:
    1. Fill out this form
    2. We'll e-mail you your Partner Program Origination Code Number (which you insert in the pasted links to our site).

    3. You choose the link graphic(s) to be pasted on your site (each graphic includes the HTML code into our site – you add your Code Number)

    You get a monthly check, or until you accrue a minimum sales balance of $50.
    [Note: There's no obligation; to discontinue Partner Program, just remove the link/graphic from your page]

    Yes, I'd like to register as a Matrix "Partner Program" Participant:
    * = required fields
    * Business Name:  
    * URL:  
    * E-mail address:  
    * Phone:  
    Mobile #:  
      Manager / Owner contact:
    * Last Name:  
    * First Name:  
    * Street:  
    (if necessesary):  
    * City:  
    * State  
    * Country:  
    * Zip (or Country) Code:  
    * Payable to:  
      Participate in:
    Sell Service:  Sell Software:
    (2) What Services You Require
    A. White Label
        We do it all.
    We can also provide
    B. Your Shopping Cart
    C. Email us for details:

    The Details
    Implementing our service on your website is easy. Just sign up and place a single piece of code on your website and link it to a graphic you create or one of the many prepared graphics we can provide. That—s all that there is to it.

    You can choose to offer a single report, one or two, or have a link to a selection of reports. It is all up to you. Sell a little or sell a lot. It is up to you and the traffic on
    your site.

    If you have the traffic, Matrix Partners can make an important difference to your bottom line each month. Fill out the form and join today.

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