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Celestial Events written by
John Townley using
the Day Watch software

Matrix Software > Sessions in the Third House > Astro*Weather

Sessions in the Third House

September Skies

We predicted a fire-and-air month for August, with only Uranus in water, and it seemed like the world was on fire, except when water came in sudden, unexpected Uranus-style flooding, with not much earth to stand on. This month will continue the waterless trend but with feet very much back on the ground as Saturn moves into Virgo and begins bringing all those stitches you missed to your attention with appropriate penalties attached. Expect another two and a half years of that, especially if you have Sun, Moon, or anything else in Virgo. Meanwhile, Leos are rolling over with relief at Saturn’s exit, having done their damnedest, paid the piper, and finally gotten off the hook.

With Saturn changing signs the big news of the month, stability doesn’t really return until after the eclipse of the 11th at 18° Virgo 25', part of a fractious T-square with Mars and Pluto, so get past some conflict there before settling down to a purposeful program. That Mars-Pluto opposition, fired up by Pluto going direct on the 7th ticks off T-squares with the Angles daily and pulls itself into an out-of-element grand cross at the full Moon of the 26th, so expect a little madness (of both crazy and angry kinds) around that time.

The mellowing possibilities are embodied by a grand air trine tied to that Mars with Mercury and Neptune midmonth, so that provides the way out of arguments and tie-ups. Pick a dream, any dream, add a plan, and then take action on it — that will pull all that T-cross energy into something creative and energizing.

Still, the forecast is dry — internally, at least — with only Uranus in water (good for storms, same as last month) and the Moon in water signs for only a total of about a week. No water also means people tend to be emotionally clueless, so don’t expect your subliminal messages to be picked up unless you put them on a billboard. Mars is speeding too quickly through airy Gemini to intuit your subtleties, until the end of the month when it joins Mercury in adding some much-needed moisture and feelings into the mix.
Monthly afterthought: Venus goes direct back in Leo on the 8th, so your reassessment of the good old days is over and it’s time to include the better parts of them in the present. The past may be just prelude, but it gives you the beat...

Important Celestial Events

  02 Sep — 09:43 am EDT
  Saturn Enters Virgo

The devil is about to be in the details for the next couple of years, and those who haven't been picking up every stitch will find themselves tailored for a tumble. That especially goes for control freaks who aren't, in fact, in control and will be done in by their own rules. Those who have been attending their chores without fanfare, however, will find their ships come in. 

  05 Sep — 08:03 am EDT
  Mercury Enters Libra

Everyone's talking both sides of the issue for a few weeks, and it will be hard to take one side without somebody hopping on the other. Clever repartees abound and more than the usual double-entendres and puns fill the air in a competition for the intellectual edge. Join in if you want to, but don't feel you must. 

  07 Sep — 06:23 am EDT
  Pluto Stationary Direct

A period of reevaluating the power of necessity and the use of force to deal with it is over, and you may be in a better frame of mind to do what you have to, even if it means leaving behind or destroying obstacles that have been blocking the way. The ends don’t justify the means, but justice may require taking the toll needed to sustain it.  

  08 Sep — 12:18 pm EDT
  Venus Stationary Direct

Rethinking what you really want, or whom you really need, has concluded and it’s time to take the best of the past and combine it with the best prospects for the future in a set of goals that are both satisfying and realistically accomplishable. Time for a change, but with continuity.  

  11 Sep — 08:45 am EDT
  New Moon in Virgo, Solar Eclipse

A new broom sweeps clean, and clean is the watchword as you start a new row to hoe and want to keep it straight and true. The trick is to constantly refer to what you have just done to be sure what you are doing is in line with what you’ve just done. Connecting two points makes a straight line, but keeping it regular requires at least three. 

  23 Sep — 05:52 am EDT
  Sun Enters Libra

Change for change itself becomes a general theme for the next month, and you may at times wonder why people keep pushing for unnecessary shifts. It's all about jockeying for position, but that only works for you if you're in a race. Whether you are, and what to do about it, may be this month's essay subject. 

  26 Sep — 03:46 pm EDT
  Full Moon in Aries

This “Hunter’s Moon” is a time for taking action to capture what you have been stalking and make it your own with quick and sure motions. Hesitation is the greatest foe, but thoughtless (and therefore repeated) action is not far behind. When you only get one shot, aim carefully and squeeze the trigger. 

  27 Sep — 01:18 pm EDT
  Mercury Enters Scorpio

There's an air of secrecy about for the next few weeks, as if everybody's trying to keep a copyright on what they're thinking, so pulling out ideas may be like pulling teeth. Critical elements are often withheld until you've passed the entry test - but once honestly shared thinking gets going, it runs deep. 

  28 Sep — 07:53 pm EDT
  Mars Enters Cancer

People will be exerting themselves with some amount of caution for some time to come, as the inclination is to put all your energy into one, cherished effort and nurture it through, ignoring other prospects or demands. That doesn't make for good team play, but it favors solo artists who know what they're up to. 

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