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Matrix Software > Sessions in the Third House > Book Reviews

Sessions in the Third House

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 Astrology Book Reviews

Biological TimeBiological Time
by Bernie Taylor; review by John Townley

For decades, mainstream scientists have been dancing around the edge of astrology, mainly because to be tarred with the brush of —pseudoscience— has meant risking financial and professional destruction, thanks to the enormous prejudice against the subject among their peers. Still, in a variety of areas — from biology, to archaeology, to anthropology — researchers have been stumbling wholesale into correlations between solar and lunar positions in all sorts of documented events and behaviors. Whether it—s been lunar phases carved on pieces of prehistoric bone or fish populations ebbing and swelling with the moon, each alone has been suggestive of geocosmic connections, but no unifying physical link has been proposed.

Well, wait no longer. In an intensely concentrated work, Northwest Coast naturalist Bernie Taylor has gathered up an astonishingly diverse array of disparate research and out of it forged a unifying theory of the effect of solar and lunar light rhythms on every level of animal and plant behavior, from microbes to agrarian and hunting cultures. Nearly half the book—s 200 pages is comprised of notes, documentation, and appendices, which makes its carefully-formulated conclusions especially formidable.

Mr. Taylor—s background is in marine biology studies (the world of the Northwest fisheries is a world unto itself), and his original observations of fish migrations and the historically precise (and unexplained) knowledge of local Amerindians as to the exact, varying day the fish appear each year led him to explore connections between solar and lunar light cycles across human history and in multiple scientific disciplines. The result is his proposal of a universal, physical connection between the sun, moon, and all biological timing.

Click here to read the full review.

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