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Star Gazing


This Month's Birthday's

2008 Race to the White House

People in the News

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7:20 PM
New York, NY

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In the News:

'Rambo' (2008)
Sylvester Stallone by John Townley

Sly Stallone’s personality rings like a bell, although he tends to get stuck on the same note. And, it’s about time for him to get a new look on.

How does his horoscope say all that? First of all, his bundle-pattern chart led by Uranus shows an extremely self-contained and introverted personality (on top of an already-retreating Cancer Sun) that is quite independent and likes to be out on the edge of things (Uranus). And, the whole bundle is gracefully contained in a Moon-Uranus trine with his Leo Venus as a crowd-pleaser at the midpoint of the arc. This guy is really more of a lover than a fighter, despite appearances, and Mars is actually his only planet in earth, so what he’s really best at is the Jupiter thing, leaping off the ground and bounding around with great feeling (it’s conjunct his Moon) and getting famous for it (it’s on his MC). The fighting part just comes with the territory, and the role he’s playing.

And about getting stuck. He’s got Mercury conjunct Pluto, so he’s mentally determined to the point of obsession, and once he gets onto something, he doesn’t let go. He may play the part of a dummy, but he’s not one, and he’s forgotten more facts about more subjects than most of us have ever learned, as his costars keep discovering. Mighty entertaining and fascinating company, Sly.

Actually, intelligence and originality runs in the family — his wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone is an actress and model with her own cosmetics line, and his mom Jackie is a renowned Hollywood astrologer and psychic (so you know that he’s got his birth time right!). To say he leads with his Uranus would include the whole pack of them…

Current events: And speaking of birth time — 7:20 PM gives him a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Ascendant right around the recently Pluto-plagued Galactic Center, so what’s his reaction to that recently-demoted heavy planet? Usually Pluto to the Ascendant means a total change in image (it’s what turned Nixon from failed gubernatorial candidate to president), and it’s just about finished with Sly. A new image? Maybe just himself — he’s working for Bollywood for the first time in a new Indian blockbuster in which he plays himself. Might be an original idea…keep your eyes wide open, as there’s a new Sly appearing in his mirror soon…

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