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  Sandy Wlasuk
Sandy Wlasuk

My mother introduced me to the amazing world of astrology when I was approximately 18 years old. Unknowingly, that reading would change my whole life. I realized my life would never be the same again. The events that were interpreted for me back then are still presenting themselves to this day and are very accurate. When I would get married, have children, to my prosperity in the world of astrology. I learned to understand my own personality traits as well as other people in my life...learned how to control these traits and have them work for me...picking times to start events. It gives me strength to understand and see what is going on and directs me. I believe what helped me the most was with understanding my children and directing them as they grew up. I’m very proud of my three children and what they have accomplished and the directions they have taken and why.

I remember deciding to take a class in astrology and I truly felt I would be able to do complete readings after finishing the one class. I laugh now as I think back. Just learning the language of astrology was a great accomplishment in itself. A person is always a student in the world of astrology because there is always more to be learned. Many years ago I was very privileged to have a personal mentor who instructed me every night on the phone. She shared many concepts with me from her many years of interpretation and experience.

I have been involved in the world of astrology for over 35 years. I have touched many bases in my career: personal readings, instructing in schools, personal classes, coaching, house parties, several radio programs, WXYZ-TV, several cable television shows, representative for Matrix, monthly articles in magazines and newspapers, and speaking at public events. The universe has taken me step by step into different areas connected in the astrology world. I’m directed to inform and educate people in many ways and I’m very proud of the projects I have accomplished.

I am happy to announce I am now going into my eighteenth season with Comcast Cable. My show, ASTRO*LOGIC is a full hour show that is LIVE twice a month with replays. We cover 22 communities with a popular following. The first segment is a educational segment and followed with a short interpretation for each sign of the zodiac. In the next three segments I take live phone calls. I do have guests. I cover many aspects in the world of Astrology. I instruct and direct my audience with the Moon Signs, New Moon, and Mercury Retrograde – These areas are very popular on the show. Before Christmas I do a segment regarding gift-giving ideas for all the signs of the zodiac. Valentines Day every year I do a different aspect in the romance area and of course bringing in the gift ideas. Twice during the season the show is called “FOR KIDS ONLY.” We accept only calls from children under the age of 18. This has gotten to be very popular. Parents like it as well as the KIDS. I feel so privileged to be able to help so many people with my knowledge of astrology and direct them.

We are in the process of announcing a new website for all my listeners. This is a big step but it will be very educational for everyone. I’m looking forward to its presentation.

I have used only Matrix Software over the years because I feel very confident that I can count on them to be very accurate. Going all the way back to Matrix Transit Report (M-91). This program that I purchased was one of the first sold I was told. Over the years I have purchased many Matrix programs for my assistance in counseling my clients. It is important for me that I can count on my software’s accuracy because I’m dealing with a person’s life. It is hard for me to pick which ones are the most important because every client needs are different and I use the software in different ways. I was proud to represent Matrix software to people interested in purchasing. Matrix stands by their software also. This means a lot to me and others. They have a very good customer relation which counts.

Over the years I have seen people become more and more open to the subject of astrology. I have even been invited into a Catholic High School to talk about the subject of astrology with open arms to their classes. I was happily surprised with how kindly I was accepted. Parents are calling to inquire on how to help their children and understand them and directing them for direction in their vocation. Even when the child is less than a day old I get phone calls asking for a natal interpretation. This has been a great gift idea at showers. Just today I spoke to a client that is expecting a baby and inquired how Mercury Retrograde is going to affect him. This proves that people are thinking and using astrology to direct themselves and family.
Sandy's programs:

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