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  A.T. Mann
AT Mann

A.T. Mann's website
Universal Quest
Mystic Fire
Win*Star 4.0
Win*Star Express

I was born in New York in 1943 and received a B.Arch. from Cornell University, College of Architecture in 1966. I worked as an architect in New York City in the 1960s for influential architects like Robert Stern and The Architects’ Collaborative (TAC) in Rome. A New York City housing project I co-designed won a Progressive Architecture Magazine Design Citation in 1970.

I then lived in Morocco and traveled over land to India in the
early ‘70s, eventually moving to London in 1973. I had met astrologers in my travels and developed my interest as an extension of my architectural ideas
of proportion and movement through time and utilized my drawing abilities to revision astrology.

I had read lots of Jung, depth psychology, and alchemy, and engaged in the Gurdjieff and Ouspensky “work.” Rodney Collin’s Theory of Celestial Influence inspired me to create a logarithmic time scale and apply it to astrology: it worked brilliantly. My daughter was conceived around the time I taught myself chart calculation and created my “Life Time Astrology” system in 1972, and her birth was a confirmation and expression of these ideas.

The two most profound ideas in my system are: 1) making an analogy between the spiral solar system in the macrocosm resonating with the spiral DNA molecule in the microcosm in every living cell and seeing life as a “process in time”; and 2) including conception and the gestation time in the horoscope, conception being cusp 9 and gestation being the 9th–12th houses, the ASC being the birth process, and grading the lifetime process. This was made possible by using logarithmic time that measures our time sense and perception of time that changes as we age. In early life our metabolism is very fast and our time passes very slowly: a day takes forever in youth. As we age and our metabolism gradually slows down, time seems to accelerate until in one’s 40s and later it “flies” by. I created the mathematics and dynamics that allowed me to
describe the time scale of life from conception to old age, and even a higher, transcendent, or transpersonal octave of development. The resultant time scale allows all planets, house cusps, sign cusps, and aspect sensitive points around the circle to be correlated with dates through life. I use the ASPRING wheel
in Win*Star 4.0 to show this dynamic pattern around the horoscope,
and the Life Time Arcs can be calculated by a module that is now a part of Win*Star Express.

I began practicing astrology and also designed and created a series of astrological calendars and books throughout the ‘70s. This culminated in my book, The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space, which was published in 1979. I was fortunate to design the book and create all the illustrations, a fitting use of my architectural skills. The astrology culminated in the latest book A New Vision of Astrology of 2002.

I explored many applications of my time scale system into healing in Astrology and the Art of Healing (1989 & 2004), into reincarnation ideas in The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation (1986 & 2003), and even a crossover into tarot with the deck and book I designed and painted called The Mandala Astrological Tarot (1987 & 1997). Throughout this time I was lecturing around the world and have been teaching my ideas regularly up to the present time.

By now I have written 14 books (translated into 20 languages), and I continue to make mandala paintings and am a graphics designer. My architecture is alive and well through my Sacred Architecture ideas and I practice astrological Feng Shui and am an architectural and design consultant to individuals and companies.

I lecture and teach sacred architectural design at university level: at Manchester Metropolitan University Architecture School in England, the Danish Design School, and SEDA (Scottish Ecological Design Association). I have been a group leader and facilitator at major info-eco (ecologically based IT) design conferences: “Doors of Perception” in Amsterdam (1995) and “Mind over Matter” in Copenhagen (1996). I was invited to present a talk about my astrologically influenced design philosophy and work at the 1997 ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) London Design Seminar, and was selected for inclusion in their book, “Masters of the 20th Century: The Icograda Design Hall of Fame” in 2002. In 1997 I presented a paper at the “Making Sacred Places” conference sponsored by the University of Cincinnati Architecture School and Hebrew Union College, and in 2000 I was invited by Rick Tarnas to give a lecture to the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Doctoral Program faculty and students at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

Presently I am on the Advisory Board of Kepler College in Seattle; a board member of the International Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability (ICIS) based in Copenhagen, Denmark; and a member of the Author's Guild in New York. I am also a member of ISAR and NCGR and do astrology readings based on Life Time Astrology all the time. Contact me if you are interested.

I am currently writing "Garden Dreams" with the renowned New York photographer Lynn Davis. And I am in the process of making documentary films on "Sacred Architecture" and "Maya Cosmogenesis 2012," and finishing a DVD of "Kalachakra Tantra Teachings" by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Buddhist concepts and practice have influenced my astrology deeply in recent years and it has become a major part of my life. I also work with Mystic Fire Video in Montauk, NY, and am a founder member of, a new web portal being launched in June in New York City.

I currently live in Hudson, NY, about two hours north of New York City. I have a six handicap in golf and enjoy my life and my daughter, who lives in London.

Tad Mann
215 Allen Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Telephone: (518) 822-0882

Books by A.T. Mann:
  • A New Vision of Astrology (2003, Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster, New York.)
  • The Divine Life: Astrology and Reincarnation (2002, Chrysalis, London.)
  • Elements of Reincarnation (1996, Element Books Ltd.)
  • Sacred Sexuality (with Jane Lyle) (1995, Element Books Ltd., Barnes & Noble, Book of the Month Club, 2002, Chrysalis, London.)
  • Sacred Architecture (1993, Element Books Ltd., Barnes & Noble, Book of the Month Club; 2002, Chrysalis.)
  • Secrets of the Tarot (1993, Element Books Ltd., 2001 HarperCollins.)
  • Millennium Prophecies (1992, Element Books Ltd.)
  • Astrology and the Art of Healing (1988, Unwin Hyman & 2004, Paraview Publications.)
  • The Mandala Astrological Tarot (1987 & 1997, Macmillan, Harper & Row; 1997 & 2001, HarperCollins.)
  • The Divine Plot: Astrology and Reincarnation (1986, Allen & Unwin, Element Books Ltd.)
  • The Future of Astrology (edited and conceived, 1985, Allen & Unwin, London and 2004, Paraview Special Editions, New York.)
  • Life Time Astrology (1984 & 1991, Allen & Unwin, Harper & Row, Element Books Ltd.)
  • The Round Art of Astrology 1978 & 1991, Dragon's World Ltd. and 2003, Vega, London.)
  • The Phenomenon Book of Calendars (seven yearly editions 1972-1979, including Phenomenon Publications, Doubleday (1977 & 1978), Simon & Schuster (1979).

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