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  Valerie Lemme
Valerie Lemme

The Journey
Words of Peace
Visit Valerie's website

I hold a Master-level degree in Astrological Consulting with Noel Tyl, and am also a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Journey Practitioner in Training. I currently live with my husband Tom, my son Jared, and our Labrador retriever Callie in Lower Bergen County, NJ. I have an office in Paramus, NJ, and I also run a successful art business.
Several years after completing my correspondence course with Noel, a world famous Western Astrologer, I stumbled upon Sidereal Astrology — which both intrigued me and frightened me. Prior to this I had set myself up in a nice private practice that used the Tropical Zodiac, and despite the better fit of my own horoscope cast Sidereally, I wondered if my clients would make the change over into this other camp. I had been trained to approach the sessions with my clients using little to no astrological jargon. So except for the printout of their charts, there was little change for my clients in general. Since Sidereal Astrology factors in the Earth's current astronomical relationship to the planets and the constellations, and departs (at least for approximately 75% of the population) from the typical Sun-sign Astrology that most people are aware of, I started a small class to start teaching the Sidereal approach. At this point I don’t feel that I am more than an intermediate-level Astrologer; but since most people coming to my classes have less experience than I do, I act as a tour guide perhaps going on the journey for the second or third time. Currently the class has evolved into a bi-monthly session where my students study their Lunar and Solar Returns as they progress throughout the year. My accuracy and specificity have increased since using these predictive tools; so the classes continue to flourish, and my clients continue to come back in times of need. Also, I think it would be of value to other Astrologer’s who use the Tropical format to know that the Sidereal Solar and Lunar Returns can still be utilized in the Tropical approach to astrology. They simply work better than casting these horoscopes Tropically.

After several years of counseling my clients astrologically, and in some cases, recommending them to other hynotherapists and counselors, it became apparent that my clients wanted to turn to me for continuing issues. That was when I decided to dedicate myself to the completion of my counseling and hypnotherapy certification. I am certified as an Ericksonian hypnotherapist, and embrace Milton Erickson's founding principles — the basis being that all wisdom is already contained in the client’s subconscious, and even bad habits and illnesses are just mistaken notions that need to be transformed at core.

My studies and my own personal process to heal then lead me to the Journey. To find out more about the Journey, you can visit their website: This wonderful tool allows my clients to release stored, unsupportive, unhealthy memories on a cellular level, while diving deeply into their own awareness of who they really are. They can then realize true health, emotionally and physically. I love the way the astrology gives my clients an overview of the changing external circumstances in their lives and the closed-eye processing work allows them to find their own innate wisdom and awareness as well.  These two modalities dovetail perfectly.

Last but not least, I’ve found great peace and joy in my life from embracing the teachings of Prem Rawat, also known fondly as Maharaji, since I was 18 years old. Maharaji is here to let every person know that inside of them is the answer that they are searching for, in terms of personal fulfillment. You can learn more about Maharaji and his message by visiting

“Within you is the most amazing feeling you can possibly imagine. All … that you have looked for, all your life, has always been right inside of you. When you look inside, you will find the joy that you have always desired. This is a gift that you have and I can show you a way to get in touch with it.” – Prem Rawat

At this point, I want to thank Matrix’s staff and technical support system, because I feel they have aided me tremendously as a professional Astrologer, regularly along the path. It is my definite experience that their customer service stands above the other available Astrological programs. My reliance on my Matrix computer programs, printouts, etc. is extensive and vital.

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