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  Kathie Garcia
Kathie Garcia

Know Your Child
Visit Kathie's website

I was born in New York City with the Sun in Libra. The nature of the scales is evident in my readings and in my approach to life. I love meeting people from all different backgrounds, nationalities, and interests. I received a B.A. in Anthropology from Tulane University. I know that when the scales are tipped, life conspires to bring us back to center.

Natal Jupiter in Aries endows me with a pioneer spirit. I was among the first to state that astrological prophesy, or fate, is not set in stone. Jupiter in the 1st house, part of a Grand Fire Trine, describes my temperament as being essentially upbeat, and describes, in part, my passion for writing.

Pisces Rising makes it easy for me to place myself in another’s shoes. All Pisceans must learn the importance of drawing boundaries. In a reading, I describe what was, what is, and what could be happening in your life. The rest is up to you. Choice is the empowering and decisive factor. I believe we never get a test we’re not capable of passing, and with honors! With natal Mars sextile Neptune and natal Neptune sextile Pluto, I’ve thirsted for truth for as long as I can remember and have, since early adulthood, immersed myself in studying metaphysics and the world’s mystical traditions. Astrology for me is sacred science.

In 1989, with Saturn transiting my tenth house of career, I created The Three Magi Complete Astrological Services. I’ve traveled throughout the USA and in Mexico giving Astrological consultations, lectures, and workshops. My Moon in Leo lies in the 5 th house of children. A Montessori teacher and mother of four, I wrote Child*Star. I knew Child*Star would prove to be an invaluable tool for many parents in understanding their child.

My appreciation of Hispanic Culture began at age 14 when I first visited Mexico. My husband, Manuel, is from a small island off of Cancun. I’ve taught Spanish to children and to adults. I’ve written several published articles on the Mayan calendar. I translated Child*Star into Spanish. Cultural settings, beliefs, and traditions affect the interpretation of astrological influences. I am actively reaching out to the Latino culture, abroad and within our own country.

I now live in beautiful Montana with my husband and our 11-year-old daughter. Our older children, now young adults, inspired and helped me write AstroJourney; I strive to give my client the next step (or leap) forward, from wherever that soul finds him or herself at the moment.

Grasping the opportunity for self-realization and for self-transformation is exciting. For some, just choosing to choose is a beginning! For others, simply knowing the timing of cycles is empowering, at times comforting, and certainly advantageous in determining the best way to go!
KNOW Your Child Matrix Software is excited to introduce a new piece of software written by Kathie Garcia, KNOW Your Child. Part of our brand new KNOW Thru Astrology series, Kathie lends her expertise as an astrologer and educator to this engaging software. The wisdom of the ancients are no longer just in the hands of Professionals — KNOW Your Child now gives the non-astrologer the knowledge and tools to help nurture and guide a child's developement throughout their life.

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