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  Carmen Chammas
Lynn Hayes

More about and by Carmen:

Lebanese Awaiting Psychics' Predictions (AP)
Boom Market for Lebanon’s Soothsayers (N.Y. Times)
Cedar Sky Books
Kamar Magazine (weekly horoscope column)
Hear her on radio (Radio Orient)
Mon–Thurs, 9:30 AM, Beirut time.
Call-in live Wednesdays 9:15–10:00 AM

See her on TV (Future TV)
9:10 AM daily, Beirut time. Call-in live Tuesdays at 9:45 AM
and Fridays at 9:30 AM

Watch her interview (N.Y. Times Video)

Contact her at:
Lebanese-born Carmen Chammas had to travel abroad to find astrology, where her nascent interest was set afire in Columbia when her husband was installing a bit of software for an astrology-student friend and introduced her to the ease of using a computer to open a window to the art. Many years of study later, and back in Beirut, she’s followed her astrological muse to become the most popular radio and TV astrology personality in Lebanon, where she’s in intense, daily demand under those star-crossed skies.

She caught world headlines in 2005 when on February 14 she predicted a particularly bad day for Scorpio and only four hours later Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri (whose Sun was in Scorpio) and his entourage were blown up on the main thoroughfare in Beirut. Like her fellow countryman Michael Hayek, known for his too-specific dire political predictions coming true, she has had to become especially wary of how she frames her forecasts, in light of the possible personal dangers that could engender. As she told us over the phone, “It’s so sensitive that it’s not wise to mention anything particular about what goes on inside Lebanon. I do talk about the situation in general, but only outside of Lebanon.”

You can read a lot more about her in our recent interview. Since our last conversation, last summer’s troubles in her country began again. She wrote us to comment:

“It was such a shock to wake up last Sunday on such bad news. The situation is calm now apparently but it is that eerie calm that the highways are almost void of cars and commuters. However we still go to our daily work and try to do our best. The astrological reason for all of this is the square between Jupiter and Uranus, remember? We mentioned this I think in the interview. The first square last January coincided with lot of trouble in Beirut streets threatening with a civil war. Now this breakup with mercenaries in the north of Lebanon with a direct first-time engagement with the Lebanese army. Unfortunately, the square returns in October right after the presidential elections by the Parliament, so I do hope everybody will be wise enough to avoid conflicts.”

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